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Video FAQs

Property Division

  • Who decides what is marital and what is separate property?
  • What is the difference between an equitable distribution state and a community property state?

Child Custody & Parenting Time

  • If a non-biological parent adopted their spouse's child during marriage, can they obtain custody?
  • If the children split their time between two homes, is it always 50/50?
  • What are the factors to consider when dealing with a foreign court in an international custody dispute?
  • How does a divorcing couple decide whether sole custody or joint custody is best for their family?
  • How does a joint custody agreement usually work?
  • How can a parent have their child returned to the U.S. without breaking international custody laws?
  • How does a divorcing couple decide whether the children should live with one parent most or all of the time, or split their time equally between both parents’ homes?

Child Support

  • What are the Child Support Guidelines?
  • How does a judge determine the amount and duration of child support?
  • Can the de facto full-time parent apply to change their arrangement from joint to sole custody?

International Custody and Interstate Jurisdiction

  • Will U.S. citizenship be conferred upon children born ahead to an American parent utilizing surrogacy?
  • If a US court orders that the children should be returned, will foreign court respect that order?
  • If one parent removes the children from the county without consent, what can the other parent do?

Parenting Coordinator

  • What does a parenting coordinator do? How can you help a divorcing couple who has children?
  • Can a parenting coordinator issue a binding recommendation on disputed issues?
  • Are there rules that govern the PC process in Indiana?
  • How does the parenting coordination process work once a PC is appointed by the Court?

Paternity Actions

  • How is paternity determined?
  • Why is it so important to establish paternity in a divorce case?

Children in Need of Services (CHINS) Action

  • Who typically requests the investigation when there is suspicion of child abuse or neglect?


  • If a non-biological parent adopted their spouse's child during marriage, can they obtain custody?
  • Can stepparents adopt their stepchildren?
  • How does adoption work in Indiana?


  • What are the benefits of divorce litigation?


  • Is mediation a better choice than litigation to resolve issues regarding the children? Why?
  • How does divorce mediation work?

Collaborative Law

  • How does collaborative divorce work?

Prenuptial Agreements

  • Nissa Ricafort discussed High-Asset Divorce on Roundtable
  • What is a premarital agreement? Is it the same thing as a prenuptial agreement?
  • Who needs a premarital agreement? Is it only for the very wealthy?
  • Does a premarital or prenuptial agreement override normal property division rules in divorce?

Guardian ad Litem

  • How is the Guardian ad Litem different from a social worker?
  • What does a Guardian ad Litem do?

Assisted Reproductive Technology

  • Does Indiana have paternity statutes, residency requirements, or adoption laws that could have an impact on whether or not legal parentage of a child born via third-party reproduction will be permitted?
  • Is there a statute governing parentage that could affect children born via ART in Indiana?
  • What is Assisted Reproductive Technology?

Family Law Appeals

  • What is the process for appealing a decision made by a judge in Indiana?
  • How long do I have to appeal a decision made by a trial court judge?

General Divorce

  • What type of knowledge and experience should a family lawyer handling an appeal have?
  • What can someone do to keep the cost of their divorce litigation process down?
  • What qualifications should someone look for when choosing a divorce lawyer?


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