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February 2017 eNewsletter

Broyles Kight and Ricafort, P.C. and Divorce Magazine are pleased to provide our monthly eNewsletter. We hope this information is helpful and supportive. After reading this, please forward it to whomever you think may benefit from it.

February 2017

From the Office:

  • Amanda Blystone will again spend another spring season volunteering for Girls on the Run, a non-profit dedicated to inspiring and motivating girls through the use of running. At the culmination of their 24-lesson program, all of the participants will run a 5K race together as a group.
  • Jennifer Hostetter presented on assisted reproduction law at the Sagamore Inns of Court on February 8 and also will become the Vice President of the Boone County Bar Association on February 17.
  • Nissa Ricafort and Melissa Avery were both recently named as two of the Top 25 Women Attorneys in the 2017 Indiana Super Lawyers nomination, research, and blue ribbon review process. Nissa Ricafort also was named one of the Top 50 Attorneys in Indiana, and she, Melissa Avery, Amanda Blystone, and Erin Durnell were all recognized as Super Lawyers in the area of Family Law for 2017. We are so proud of our family law team!

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