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March 2015 eNewsletter

Broyles Kight and Ricafort, P.C. and Divorce Magazine are pleased to provide our monthly eNewsletter. We hope this information is helpful and supportive. After reading this, please forward it to whomever you think may benefit from it.

March 2015

From the Office:

Left to Right: Joni Sedberry, Melissa Avery, Erin Durnell, Nissa Ricafort, Mike Wilkins and Amanda Blystone


Once again, Super Lawyers Magazine has announced their annual list of the top attorneys in Indiana. Several members of our family law team have been named to the various lists. We congratulate Melissa Avery and Nissa Ricafort for being recognized as two of the Top 25 Female Lawyers in Indiana; Melissa Avery, Amanda Blystone, Nissa Ricafort and Mike Wilkins for being named Super Lawyers in the practice area of family law; and Erin Durnell and Joni Sedberry for being named Rising Stars in the practice area of family law. Click Here To read about the selection process, as well as the entire lists.

Melissa Avery and Nissa Ricafort will be hosting a luncheon on March 20th at Seasons 52 to honor all of the women who were named by Super Lawyers Magazine as one of the Top 25 Female Lawyers in Indiana in 2015.

Melissa Avery will be attending the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers Spring Meeting in Panama as an At Large Board of Governor’s Representative.


Amanda Blystone will again spend another spring season volunteering for Girls on the Run, a non-profit dedicated to inspiring and motivating girls through the use of running. At the culmination of their 24 lesson program, all of the participants will run a 5K.

March Madness is here! Paws and Think is participating in the Brackets for Good, a fun way for non-profits to get a chance to win $10,000. Meagan Winters, secretary for Paws and Think, encourages everyone to vote. (Read more)

Divorce News:
Study: Eye-Rolling Spouses may be at Higher Risk of Divorce

Eye rolling at your spouse may be more than just an example of poor manners – this interaction could put your marriage at a higher risk of divorce, according to research.
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Health & Well-Being:
Nourishing your Stressed-Out Brain

These nutritional tips can help you think more clearly and make better decisions as you navigate your divorce.
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Preparing for Divorce:
The Wiser Divorce

Ending a marriage can be viewed as a battleground – somebody is going to win and somebody is going to lose – or as a turning point; a change of life status that will leave your hopes, dreams, and dignity intact.
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Divorce and Finance:
Creating Cash Flow during Divorce

The only ways to increase your cash flow are to increase your income, cut your expenses, or some combination of the two. Here’s how to find the money to fuel your dreams.
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Children and Divorce:
New Partners, Stepparents, and Remarriage

When families separate, many parents quickly start dating again; in most cases, one or both parents will marry or cohabitate with a romantic partner at some point post-divorce. Here’s how to help children of divorce adjust to becoming part of a stepfamily.
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