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May 2021 eNewsletter

Broyles Kight and Ricafort, P.C. and Divorce Magazine are pleased to provide our monthly eNewsletter. We hope this information is helpful and supportive. After reading this, please forward it to whomever you think may benefit from it.

May 2021

From the Office:

Congratulations to our BKR family high school and college graduates – EJ, Arianna, PJ, and Ellie!
We are proud of you!

Austin Robbins, his wife Alicia, and big sister Addison welcomed baby Emily Blake on April 17th. Congrats!

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Financial Issues
What Do I Need to Know About Property During Divorce?
Dealing with property during divorce is stressful, but being fully aware of the process will help make it easier.
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Coping With Divorce
Mindfulness After Divorce: Awakening From My Virtual Reality
How considering virtual reality versus actual reality helped me cope with my divorce.
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Mother’s Day Post
8 Tips for Beating the Single-Mom/Stepmother Mother’s Day Blues
Mother’s Day can be hard when the kids head off to their “real” mother’s house without a backward glance. Follow these to help get you through the day.
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Children/Co-Parenting After Divorce
8 Tips for Effective Co-Parenting After Divorce
Co-parenting involves making a lot of decisions with your ex. Focus on the children’s wellbeing and you’ll reduce stress & strife for everyone.
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Life After Divorce
5 Ways to Get Connected With Your Community After a Divorce
You’re in charge of how the next chapter is written. The most important thing is to take that leap and do it!
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