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April 2021 eNewsletter

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April 2021

From the Office:

Melissa Avery is quoted in the following arlawyer Melissa Averyticle “Reddit has thoughts about ex-husband wanting ‘cut’ of Mom’s $4,200 stimulus check” by IndyStar.

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As warmer weather rapidly approaches, do not forget to schedule your summer parenting time! It is standard for divorce decrees and agreements or paternity orders to include a deadline of April 1 or April 15 for parties to submit their proposed summer parenting time calendar to one another. We find that it is best practice for our clients to create a calendar for the whole summer that includes the holiday parenting time schedule, vacations, and any other important dates (i.e., Birthdays) to avoid any last-minute disputes. If you are planning to travel with your children, please do not forget that the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines require notification to the nontraveling parent of the destination and contact information. If you need assistance drafting your summer parenting time calendar, contact our office and schedule a consultation.

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