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BKR’s family law arbitrators bring resolution to your lives, on your timetable, at a sensible cost.

Arbitration is:

  • Far less expensive than litigation
  • Confidential and private
  • On your time schedule, not the court’s
  • Tailored to your family’s needs

Litigation over property, parental rights, and child support destroys families. The cost of court is high both financially and emotionally – you can decide to take control of your family’s future by participating in arbitration instead.

Perhaps you already have participated in divorce mediation and have been unsuccessful in reaching an agreement. Perhaps you have mediated a partial agreement, but remain deadlocked on one or more issues. Perhaps you (or the opposing party) have no interest in participating in divorce mediation, but wish to have a more expedient resolution than waiting to appear before a judge.

If any of these describes your case, divorce or family law arbitration may be right for you.

In Indiana, an arbitrator essentially acts as a “private judge”; the arbitrator is appointed by the court and holds the same decision-making authority as the court. Evidence and legal argument are presented to the arbitrator, who renders a decision that is memorialized as a fully-enforceable court order – the same as if the parties had participated in an extensive trial before the elected judge. Parties have the right to appeal the order just as they would if it had been issued by the judge. All this occurs, however, without the lengthy wait for precious court time and the costs that come with multiple days of trial in traditional courts.

There are many benefits of participating in divorce or family law arbitration, such as:

  • The parties and family law attorneys choose the judicial officer hearing the case.
  • The parties and attorneys set the timetable, scheduling evidentiary sessions and conferences with the family law arbitrator at the parties’ and lawyers’ convenience.
  • Sessions are held privately rather than in open courtrooms.
  • Sessions are held in the office of the family law arbitrator – a much more comfortable and less stressful environment than traditional courtrooms, for both parties and witnesses.
  • Decisions typically are rendered much more quickly than decisions by traditional judges.

At BKR Family Dispute Resolution, our arbitrators, Melanie Reichert and Amanda Blystone, have extensive knowledge of all aspects of family law in Indiana. They have combined experience of nearly 30 years practicing exclusively family law, and both of them have acted as judicial officers: Melanie in her capacity as a commissioner in Marion County Circuit Court and as a pro tem judge, and Amanda as a pro tem judge. Additionally, Amanda is an Indiana Certified Family Law Specialist. Their extensive family law experience means that your case will be heard by someone with knowledge about and experience in the issues facing your family – and by someone who cares.

Contact us today to learn more about family and divorce arbitration in Central  Indiana!

The arbitrators at Broyles Kight & Ricafort, P.C. have extensive knowledge of all aspects of family law in Indiana – which means that your case will be heard by someone with knowledge about and experience in the issues facing your family. If you have more questions about family law or divorce arbitration in Central Indiana, send an email to or, or call 317-571-3601. Our experienced arbitrators offer services to clients throughout Central Indiana, from Marion County to Johnson County to Hamilton County.

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