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Integrity (Skill + Trust + Reason) = BKR Family Law Firm
Finding Solutions Together


Team of Highly Experienced Indianapolis Family Lawyers Committed to Excellence and Integrity

BKR Family Law Group, formed in 2002 by experienced family law litigators, understands your family law case is not a simple equation. It’s complicated with history and emotion. Our experienced advocates will help you solve the problem.

“I started this family law practice because I wanted to provide individuals and families with high quality, ethical legal representation while showing compassion and understanding for the challenges they face.” – Nissa M. Ricafort, founding partner

When you hire Broyles Kight & Ricafort (BKR), a top Indianapolis family law firm, you hire a devoted and responsive team with a diverse range of skills and considerable experience in Indiana courtrooms. Although our attorneys are regarded in the community as dedicated litigators , we always explore alternative dispute resolution options to avoid litigation expenses for your family law issues.

Indianapolis Family Law Firm Provides Creative Solutions to Family Law Challenges

Our family law attorneys help develop effective options for our clients and their families to reach fair and reasonable resolutions during their divorce in Indiana. As a team of highly experienced Indianapolis family lawyers, we collaborate to provide creative solutions to family law issues. Our family lawyers have served as Guardians ad Litem , argued appellate issues to the Indiana Supreme Court and Indiana Court of Appeals, and presented on a vast array of family law topics locally, regionally, and nationally. Working together, we provide support, understanding and objective advice for the challenges our clients face.

Compassionate Litigators Focused on You, Your Family and Your Children

We are people and parents first, and divorce and family law attorneys second. We are trustworthy, compassionate, and committed to limiting emotional and financial costs when possible in achieving our clients’ goals. As the majority of our team members are parents, we recognize that daily parenting challenges, when combined with the stress of divorce, can be overwhelming. We help clients make the best decisions possible for their families, especially their children.

Avoid Emotional and Financial Costs with Alternative Dispute Resolution

BKR Family Dispute Resolution is the first comprehensive Alternative Dispute Resolution group focused on family law in Central Indiana. Our attorneys understand that family law litigation is often financially and emotionally draining, therefore we always encourage clients to consider alternative methods, such as collaborative law, mediation, parenting coordination and arbitration to avoid additional expenses. Every BKR divorce attorney believes each family is the best judge of what’s best for its own future, and when provided the opportunity, are capable of crafting sensible, lasting agreements that allow them to live full, peaceful lives. Our extensive experience allows us to offer compassionate and efficient counsel to help you make those important agreements to benefit you and your family.

Primarily serving the Indianapolis area and surrounding counties, with assistance for families throughout the state of Indiana.

Contact BKR, a top Indianapolis family law firm, for all your Family Law needs in Central Indiana!

Broyles Kight & Ricafort are divorce and family law attorneys in Indianapolis committed to excellence and integrity. If you are seeking legal advice on any divorce or family law matter in Indianapolis and the surrounding area please call our Indianapolis office at (317) 571-3600 to schedule a confidential consultation today.

Our team of recognized and respected family law and divorce attorneys provide legal advice and representation to clients throughout Indianapolis, Indiana and the surrounding area including Greenwood, Franklin, Carmel, Noblesville, Lebanon Danville, Avon, Zionsville, Anderson, and Richmond.


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